Amazing Fantasy 1

Amazing Fantasy 1


Own the first appearance of Arana before she swings onto the big screen! Anya Corazon is a Brooklyn teen who gets herself wrapped up in a web spun by the Spider Society when they endow her with exciting new powers and task her with fighting the mysterious Sisterhood of the Wasp. With strong potential to clean up, this comic can't be missed.

  • Grading Information

    This copy of Amazing Fantasy 1 is graded at a 7.0 (Fine/Very Fine). A gentle crease that doesn't break color runs the length of the book, easily removed by pressing, and the corners have slight bends that also do not break color.

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    Returns are accepted within thirty days of first purchase, in the same condition as when the item was shipped. Broomstick Books does not accept responsibility for damage caused by the buyer, or during shipping. Pictures may be required to ensure the validity of a return request.

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    Broomstick Books takes great care in how your comics are shipped, using boxes made specifically for this kind of product, and sending them to you already in a clean, new bag and board.