Review: Witchery by Juliet Diaz

Image credit to Hay House Publishing

Over the years, I’ve discovered that one of my favorite ways to immerse myself in the Craft is through books. Some of what I’ve read, I enjoyed and found to be useful, but some... not so much. I’ve adopted the habit of checking out or borrowing whatever I can and copying down what speaks to me into my own Grimoire. This helps save money as well as building a book for personal use. Every once in a while though, I’ll come across something that I just cannot let go of, that speaks to my soul in such a way that I know I’ll want to reread those pages over and over again. Witchery by Juliet Diaz is one of those books.

Juliet Diaz comes from a family of Witches. She was surrounded by the enchantments of Magick her entire life. This book not only contains tips for new Witches, but it also speaks of moments when Magick was evident in her everyday life. She writes about the way her mother would make soup for her as a sick child, and how she witnessed her mother’s Magick in the preparation as well as in the kitchen around them. Writing about the Craft this way does away with the idea that it must be overly dramatic and showy. Demonstrating that it is all around us and a part of us seems to be the backbone of why Diaz wrote Witchery.

This book is ideal for those new to the Craft. It covers all of the basics, from what Magick is, to grounding, to spellcraft, and even addresses self-love. An experienced Witch can find enjoyment and comfort in this book too. It’s the written equivalent of drinking a cup of tea on a snowy day. Beautifully written, it's almost as if Diaz herself is conversing with you over that warm, steaming mug. It’s educational and inviting, with exactly the right mixture of guidance and acceptance of the Witch within. There is, Witchery tells us, no right or wrong way to practice, so long as nothing is done with the intent of harm to others or self. This helps open the doorway to creating your own sense of Magick, and how best to shape your own experiences.

If you’re looking for a warm welcome into the Craft, I wouldn’t be able to hold back from recommending this magical little book.