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The Name of the Wind

Author: Patrick Rothfuss
Series: Kingkiller Chronicles 1
Publisher: DAW Books
Genre: Fantasy

The Name of the Wind has been a huge title in the world of high fantasy since it was published in 2007. It took the world by storm, carried heavily by the charm and enthusiasm of Patrick Rothfuss. It tells the story behind a legendary character named Kvothe, the truth that inspired the grand myths around him. It's lyrical, beautiful, and downright good, but above all else, it feels like reading music. Considering Kvothe is a musician, this is genius writing.

Not many authors are as old as Rothfuss when they publish their debut novel, but in his case, The Name of the Wind demonstrates how long he took writing and making sure he was putting out the very best product that he could. His magic system is fascinating and logical, and his characters have a magnificent depth. They're real, they aren't just walking archetypes. In the modern, ever-evolving world of fantasy, it's hard to do any better than this.

Image credit to DAW Books