Gideon the Ninth

Author: Tamsyn Muir
Series: Locked Tomb 1
Publisher: Tor
Genre: Science Fantasy

Gideon the Ninth dances between sci-fi, fantasy, horror, and romance in a way that few novels can do, and it does so without sacrificing anything. Tamsyn Muir's debut novel tells the story of a brash, delightfully vulgar swordswoman employed by the harsh necromancers of the Ninth House as she's dragged across the stars to an unknown planet. She's out of her element, and she's there with her least favorite person ever.

As the two of them explore the palace of the First House, can they manage to tolerate one another long enough to survive, and will they find more than they expected along the way?

Muir's writing is whip-smart, stringing together words in ways you wouldn't expect, and the romance hidden beneath the surface of this startlingly good debut novel is fully realized. It deserves strong commendation as a front-runner of modern LGBTQ science fantasy.

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