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For as long as the founders of Broomstick Books worked in the resale industry, the idea of owning a store of their own kept them going, learning the ins and outs. With over ten years of bookstore experience between them, Ayanna and Piper decided to follow that dream, founding an online consignment store.

Here you can find not only a wide array of unique, hard-to-find media and entertainment but an abundance of resources on how to break into new hobbies and to see things you've enjoyed for years in a new light.


The jangly jewelrified, metalhead Pisces, with a penchant for all things fantasy. Kitty mother, ex-emo, and RuneScape legend, Ayanna is here to talk body mods, witchy interests, binge-watching/reading (two of her greatest talents), gaming, and more!

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Ethereal lore goddess and angel of the Aquarius stars, Piper is here to spread her love and knowledge of all things comics, RPGs, and more. Cat mama and dungeon master, she can cook her way into anyone’s heart and take her rightful place on the throne.